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Lake Buckhorn Property Cleanup

Do you have a property that has been neglected?

We offer full property cleanup services so that you don't need to hire multiple contractors to get the job done!

B&L Lawn Care is an expert lawn care and landscaping company that offers the services of mowing, weeding flower beds, weed whacking, full property cleanup, and just general lawn maintenance.

B&L Lawn Care recently completed a landscaping job that turned into a whole property cleanup in Lake Buckhorn, Ohio. The homeowners were going to sell their house and they wanted B&L Lawn Care to touch up their home and property before they sold it.

As you can see the house’s lawn and the garden were in pretty poor shape so they weeded the beds cleaned the gutters and raked leaves and mowed the lawn to make this house able to be desired by anybody.

Here are some before and after pictures to show you just how bad it really was.

Flower Bed Cleanup

Full property cleanup including the flower beds.

As you can see here this flowerbed is in pretty poor shape, but have no fear B&L Lawn Care will swoop in and save it from further overgrowth.

As described below B&L Lawn Care tore out all of the weeds and replaced them with some small bushes and plants which makes it look a lot better.

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Power washing the deck, siding, and driveway.

B&L Lawn Care also does power washing, and they’re really darn good at it too. Looking at the picture you’ll notice that the deck started out as a green and covered with algae and now it is as good as new.

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Look how dirty it is up in the corner of this house, it’s almost black. but have no fear B&L Lawn Care will clean every part of this house till it looks like it was just built.

B&L Lawn Care pays so much attention to detail that they even cleaned the PVC pipe on the side of the house.

before and after house siding

This is the deck railing of the house that B&L Lawn Care is doing it (as well as the rest of the house) is in bad shape, but it will get a good wash down with the power washer and be good as new.

before and after deck railing

This is the driveway of the home and it desperately needs a good wash job. B&L Lawn Care is ready to wash this thing like there is no tomorrow and make it look as good as new, except for the large cracks they didn’t do that.

before and after sidewalk

So please if your house looks like this and you live in Danville, Loudonville, Millersburg, Killbuck, or Wooster Ohio, please give us a call so we can make your home beautiful again.

 B&L Lawn Care’s Equipment

The Ferris mowers are one of the top of the line mower companies, but what makes them superior and why B&L Lawn Care uses them is because they have a wide variety of mower deck widths they from 32 in. to 72 in.

Which makes them capable of mowing around trees and shrubs and also doing large lawns as well. Another reason they like the Ferris brand is because they are durable and they make your lawn look great.

Ferris is expanding the zero-turn lineup of commercial lawn mowers, with the increased productivity of the walk behind mower you could mow up to a 3-5 acre lawn without getting tired. if you have a big field you have to mow and you don’t want to spend the money to buy a zero turn please consider the walk behind.

Each of the Ferris Walk-behind mowers is self-propelled which makes it easy to either mow a large open lawn or a small city lawn, whatever the need may be Ferris has got you covered.

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If you have a lot a ground to cover and have to do it efficiently consider going with a zero-turn. This particular zero turn has suspension which will let you go faster and get your task completed quicker.

The Ferris self-propelled small lawnmower is designed to be used in a small city yard or to be used as something to trim around large objects such as a deck, clothesline poles, or a playhouse.


 Moral Of The Story

The moral of the story is that B&L Lawn Care is the best lawn care and landscaping company in Ohio. The Lake Buckhorn job was just one of the many that they do each week.

If you have a hard time getting to the flower beds to weed and take care of them and you live in Danville, Loudonville, Millersburg, Killbuck, or Wooster Ohio, please give us a call so we can make your home beautiful again.

Again please give B&L Lawn Care and Landscaping a call at 330-601-4530 so you no longer have to feel that your house or yard looks bad.

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